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Financial Wellness: When, Where and How

The road to financial wellness may look complex or even intimidating to many of us. But, there is no need to fear this path. It is clear and simple with a lot of gains at the end, provided you travel in a disciplined and cautious manner.

The world of finance is bombarded with products and services that are hard to comprehend for a layperson. For instance, a credit card is a handy product while spending, only if one is aware of the billing and payment cycle of the card. Else, you may end up running huge bills and paying hefty interest on the same. A lot of homes especially in the developed countries have run into debt-traps with irresponsible use of credit cards.

Investing has thousands of products- mutual funds, insurance schemes, and government schemes. This makes it difficult for investors to choose the right one. After all, there isn’t “one solution that fits all”. Investments have to be tailor-made to suit one’s goals in life and match the same realistically to one’s income.

How do you do this? Educate yourself. At My Finance Wellness, we aim to help our readers and clients take baby steps in planning his/her finances. We do not stop here. For those interested, we are ready with products and services to empower you and also provide solutions that will equip you well to effectively save and invest.

When do you start? There is no better time than “now” in making a beginning. Remember that every rupee saved and invested well adds up to attain your financial goals.

Where do I begin? We at My Finance Wellness assure you that every individual can take control of his personal finances in a stress-free manner that will go a long way in achieving your milestones in life. This is the path to a secure and enriched personal life. MFW is designed to be the one-stop-shop for financial wellness.

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