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Feel confident, take control of your finances

What is Financial Wellness?

It is about balancing one’s personal finances. It is about planning your daily expenses effectively so that you have enough money left for later years. This way, you can continue to live a comfortable life, even after retirement.

Peace of mind is the biggest benefit from Financial Wellness, the value of which, is understood only in the later part of your life cycle.

Why Financial Wellness

Our Financial situation affects our physical, mental and social well-being. It is important to take care and manage day-to-day Finances efficiently.

Financial Wellness has positive effects on one’s personal life- be it individual or that of one’s family. It helps in the following ways

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Financial Wellness:

When, Where and How

The road to Financial Wellness may look complex or even intimidating to many of us. But, there is no need to fear this path. It is clear and simple with lot of gains at the end, provided you travel in a disciplined and cautious manner.

The world of finance is bombarded with products and services that are hard to comprehend for a lay person. For instance, a credit card is a handy product while spending, only if one is aware of the billing and payment cycle of the card.

Financial Happiness Index is a TRADEMARKED product of My Finance Wellness. We are very happy and proud to launch it today on the International Happiness Day.

Team My Finance Wellness wishes all of you a very pleasant INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY. We believe Financial Happiness is equally important for the overall well-being of every individual.

Financial Happiness Index