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Financial Happiness Index

Financial Happiness Index is a TRADEMARKED product of My Finance Wellness. We are very happy and proud to launch it today on the International Happiness Day.

Team My Finance Wellness wishes all of you a very pleasant INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY. We believe Financial Happiness is equally important for the overall well-being of every individual.

Here are some Financial Happiness basics to help you. Firstly, please remember

Many people are struggling to cope and going through a range of financially difficult emotions during this time. This is very common and understandable.

3 simple tips you can follow to help reduce the stress from our side are

Tip 1: You are never alone. Tell someone you trust how you feel. And if you have no-one nearby then you can always call our friendly professionals for help anytime.

Tip 2: Get the basics right. Find time for your financial planning and follow through it as regularly as possible. Keep checking your Financial Health score as and when you achieve your small goals.

Tip 3: Seek professional help. Ask your Financial Advisors about potential support which might help. We are here to help you have a better Financial Happiness.

To know more about Financial Happiness Index can help you in improving your companies Employee Experience, do write to us on info@myfinancewellness.com

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