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Customer Grievance Redressal Policy


My Finance Wellness is India’s first financial wellness brand working towards the financial and digital transformation of the Nano and Tiny Enterprises in India.

Our TWO-CLICK Micro Accounting Platform helps Tiny and Nano enterprises to maintain their books with ease. Our USP is the LAST MILE CONNECT powered by the unique (B2H) Business to Humans model. This model helps the enterprises in the formalisation route and additionally offer BUSINESS LOANS.

These solutions would help in creating social impact among the underserved communities and pave a way to transform the existing and future entrepreneurs.

Further through our ONE-ON-ONE Financial Mentoring we speak of comprehensive financial planning and guidance to entrepreneurs to help in personal finance and business finance aspects.

Our Mission
  • Sustainable Growth through the delivery of world-class financial wellness solutions
  • Provide access to comprehensive financial wellness services to 10 million customers by 2027
  • Bringing Blockchain Technology to the SME Micro Accounting Platform
Our Vision
Educate, Empower, and Digital Transformation of Nano and Tiny Entrepreneurs To deliver the above, we endeavor to provide superior customer service. We are practical and acknowledge that at times, we may fall short of our customers’ expectations. Hence, we provide multiple channels and avenues for our customers to register their concerns formally with us. We are committed to understanding and resolving all customer complaints as well as improving the quality of our people, process, and technology to minimize future customer grievances.
Principles that outline our Customer Service:
 Provide excellent customer service and
  • Fair treatment to all the
  • Deal customer complaints with
  • Resolve the customer issues within the specified
  • Comply with regulatory guidelines as required by
Our Customer Grievance Redressal Mechanism
A customer can raise a complaint or express their dissatisfaction on the company   service through the below channels:
    1. Email us the customer issues at info@myfinancewellness.com
  1. Raise a complaint on our website – myfinancewellness.com/contact-us/
  2. Send letters or notices to the registered office:
Registered Office Address: The Customer Grievance Redressal Officer, No. 204, Second Floor, 87, Shresta Bumi, Chikkanna Garden, Basavangudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038
Escalation Matrix
  • 1st Level Escalation: Customers can forward their escalations to the COO in case they are not satisfied with the solution provided by the Customer care Details provided below:
  • 2nd Level Escalation: In case if any customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the COO, they can escalate to the Principal Nodal Officer under the RBI’s Ombudsman Scheme for NBFCs. Details are as provided below:
    • Name: Mohan K Pattabhiraman
    • Designation: Chief Audit Officer; Principal Nodal Officer
    • Phone Number: 9886194489
    • Email: mohan@myfinancewellness.com
  • 3rd Level Escalation: In case if the customer is not satisfied with the response provided by the COO or the Grievance redressal Officer, or in case if the issue is not resolved within 20 days of submission of a complaint, then the customer can escalate the issue to the Chief Nodal Officer cum Director of the Board, details as provided below:
    • Name: Madhu Kiran R
    • Designation: Chief Executive Officer & Director of the Board
    • Phone Number: 99450 67001
    • Email ID: kiran@myfinancewellness.com
  • 4th Level Escalation: In rarest of the scenarios where the customer is not happy with the response provided by the 3rd level escalation, and if the issue is not resolved within 1 month of submission, the customer can write to the NBFC Ombudsman, details as provided below:
Sl No Centre Address of the Office of NBFC Ombudsman Area of Operation
1 Chennai C/o Reserve Bank of India Fort Glacis, Chennai 600 001 STD Code: 044 Telephone No: 25395964 Fax No: 25395488                                                                                                         Email: ms.nbfcochennai@rbi.org.in Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Union Territory of Lakshadweep and Union Territory of Puducherry
2 Mumbai C/o Reserve Bank of India RBI Byculla Office Building Opp. Mumbai Central Railway Station Byculla, Mumbai- 400 008 STD Code: 022 Telephone No: 2300 1280 Fax No: 23022024                                                                                              Email: ms.nbfcomumbai@rbi.org.in Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Daman and Diu, Chhattisgarh, Haveli, Union Territories of Dadra and Nagar.
Internal Review Mechanism:
 All employees of the company will be up to date on the grievance redressal
  • The customer grievance policy will be displayed on the company website and on the notice board of all Branch
  • All customer complaints or grievances will be updated in the internal CRM software, and tracked until closure as per the
  • Management will periodically review the customer grievance tracker to ensure timely response/closure of customer
  • The company will review the policy on a yearly basis, and will amend the policy on an as needed

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